6 Reasons You Should Use an Expert CBD Manufacturer to Produce Your Next Products

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For many, diving into the cannabis industry is a no-brainer! That’s even truer when considering CBD, which is legal across the country and hosts an array of different health benefits. Of course, the cannabidiol industry is still in its infancy, and many small business owners are finding their own way in—often by making CBD oil themselves and self-producing every product that they sell.

Of course, this DIY approach does give you total control over your product, as well as complete transparency of its ingredients and manufacturing process, but small business owners who are self-producing CBD products may be doing themselves (and their customers) a serious disservice.

While it may sound like giving up your brand’s solidarity, in reality, utilizing an expert CBD manufacturer can increase your options, boost your product’s quality, ensure that your supply always meets demand, and save you time that can be focused on marketing—all without relinquishing any control over what goes inside.

In fact, choosing a manufacturer to handle your product development and production needs give you the opportunity to create products that are unique, at an industry-leading quality, for only a fraction of the cost of buying all of the equipment yourself. If you are skeptical, we have outlined a few of the specific ways that an expert manufacturer can help set you apart from the competition:

Help You Stay Ahead in a Constantly Growing Industry

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The cannabidiol industry is expected to grow at a pretty fast rate, and gleaming reports show that the industry has already reached the $1 Million mark, even in its youth. While this is promising from a marketing standpoint, many small business owners underestimate this increase in demand. Making hemp products on your own may seem like the way to go when your business is at its start, but if you see any success, you will eventually realize that keeping up with demand is tiresome and tedious.

In some cases, an increase in demand could equal a decrease in the amount of time you have to dedicate to other areas of business. Sometimes, surges in demand can be difficult to predict, leaving you scrambling to produce another batch.

Alternatively, a manufacturer with experience producing CBD products can easily meet your needs, regardless of how sales increase or decrease as you go. With an entire dedicated facility and staff, an expert CBD manufacturer like CBD Nationwide can coordinate with you to ensure that your stock never runs low, much less empty. Our expert logistics and warehouse team is committed to supplying your products exactly the way you want them at exactly the time you need them, keeping you informed through every step of the process.

Offer Industry Leading Products Based on Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Perhaps the most significant reason to outsource your CBD manufacturing needs to an expert is to broaden your horizons in the way of what types of CBD products your brand offers. Because we have an entire facility (and a team of cannabinoid-educated manufacturing experts) dedicated to helping you design and produce your next hemp products, your opportunities are virtually endless.

At CBD Nationwide, we have advanced capabilities that allow us to easily produce a variety of CBD products in your vision. We can help with your unique manufacturing needs, and we annually produce millions of innovative products for some of the biggest brands in the industry, including tinctures, oils, caramels, gummies, creams, tablets, hard candies, balms, lotions, and even pet products.

Because we were one of the first CBD manufacturers to enter the industry, we can offer expert advice on CBD formulations, flavors, and more based on the hands-on experience we’ve gathered over the years. This type of guidance and advice is what helps set our clients apart from other up and coming brands in the industry.

Offer Clean and Safe Products Manufactured According to Industry-Leading Standards

If you’ve ever produced (or considered producing) your own CBD products, you probably understand how important a clean manufacturing process it to getting high-quality results. In fact, the environment in which you create your hemp products has a lot to do with the finished product. A manufacturing environment may look “clean,” but many of the microorganisms that can contaminate cannabis products are invisible to the naked eye. For many small brands, it isn’t worth the risk, since a contaminated batch results in a lot of investment lost.

Our manufacturing facilities are entirely GMP-compliant, and our manufacturing engineers and staff are trained accordingly. This helps us maintain control over the environment as we produce every batch of hemp products, ensuring each product meets our high standards for potency, purity, and efficacy. Then, we can pass that same assurance to our clients, who use it to confidently market and sell their new private label CBD line.

Provide the Highest Quality with Consistency

Although manufacturing your own CBD products does give you an upper edge on controlling exactly what goes it (and what gets left out), it can be difficult to maintain that practice over time. Multiple factors can contribute to a change in quality from batch to batch, and there’s much risk involved for startups or small brands when consistency falters.

Because we utilize the highest standards in the conditions and practices of our facilities, CBD Nationwide is able to provide products that are of industry-leading quality. We apply some of the latest engineering applications to our manufacturing process in order to supply hemp products that are rich in cannabinoids with a tailored terpene profile. Our years of experience and in-depth understanding of cannabinoid science, modern extraction techniques, and upper-level product analysis allows us to confidently provide the same high-quality hemp products with expert consistency, so efficacy does not falter at all from batch to batch. This helps our clients supply their customer base with CBD oil and hemp-based products that actually work, which established brand security as customers keep coming back for more.

Offers the Peace of Mind of Batch Testing and Proper Documentation

One way that consistency and quality is ensured to consumers is through batch testing and Certificate of Analysis reports, usually provided by the brand. These crucial safety tests require proper equipment, as well as a clean laboratory environment. In order to truly ensure quality, consistency, and efficacy, batch tests need to be supplied for the starting material as well as the final product. This can be costly for small brands, and many smaller brands choose to forgo these safety precautions, often sacrificing their integrity as well.

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When you use a CBD manufacturer to produce your products, there’s less hassle in providing proper documentation for every step of the manufacturing process. At CBD Nationwide, we outsource to an ISO certified lab for batch tests that verify the high-quality cannabinoid and terpene profile of each product and rule out mold, heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, herbicides, and residual solvents.

All of our hemp products are documented below the .3% federal allowance for Tetrahydrocannabinol THC. We carefully track the chain of custody for every product, from seed to extraction and manufacturing to packaging and distribution. Every product we manufacture for your CBD brand will come with proper documentation, making it easy for you to provide proof of quality and peace of mind to consumers.

Provide Quality Assistance Through Every Step

Manufacturing your own CBD products often seems like the way to go, but you’ll miss out on one thing that CBD Nationwide believes helps set our clients apart from the competition: quality assistance. We attend to your needs through every step of the manufacturing process, to answer questions, explain the process, or help you make decisions along the way.

Our team of product innovators can help you produce CBD products that turn heads, and our customer support can assist you with any of your wholesale or private label needs, including through manufacturing and branding and design. We expertly manage high volume shipments to supply you with high-quality CBD products that exceed your expectations and always arrive in a place and on time.

Getting Started With a Leading CBD Manufacturer

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to using an expert CBD manufacturer to produce your next line of hemp products. As one of the nations first and largest established CBD manufacturers, we have helped many brands enter the market and are the manufacturer behind many of the industry’s leading brands today. We apply our vast array of knowledge, in designing, extracting, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing CBD products to each brand that we assist.

That’s not all! We can assist small startups and established brands in multiple ways. Whether you need wholesale CBD products or want to look into private labeling for your own innovative line of hemp products, we can help you achieve your goals and excel in the industry. You can quickly and easily request a quote today to give us the information we need to help you get started.

Picture of Katie Devoe

Katie Devoe

Katie Devoe is an entrepreneur, educator, and cannabis thought leader. She has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences and developed the CannaCertified cannabis education platform.

• Cannabis and Hemp Enthusiast
• One of the first female business owners in the hemp and cannabis industry
• Co-founder of one of the largest and most established CBD manufacturers in the country
• Spent the past decade leading brands in the hemp and cannabis industry
• Developed a certification program
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Picture of Katie Devoe

Katie Devoe

Katie Devoe is an entrepreneur, educator, and cannabis thought leader. She has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences and developed the CannaCertified cannabis education platform.

• Cannabis and Hemp Enthusiast
• One of the first female business owners in the hemp and cannabis industry
• Co-founder of one of the largest and most established CBD manufacturers in the country
• Spent the past decade leading brands in the hemp and cannabis industry
• Developed a certification program
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