Industrial Hemp CBD: What it is and How it Differs from Cannabis Derived CBD

By Katie Devoe As the cannabidiol industry surges, you’ve probably heard “derived from industrial hemp” more than a couple of times. In fact, industrial hemp powers the majority of cannabidiol products on the market, especially the ones manufactured by brands who are concerned with consumer safety (and their own reputation). But what is industrial hemp […]

A Guide to Effectively Packaging and Labeling Different CBD Products

You’ve decided to start a new private label CBD business. Way to go! You’re on the path to success in the wellness industry, and to providing cannabis-based healing to consumers all over.  There are many different factors to consider when you start your own CBD company, but one of the most important factors is packaging, […]

How to Understand the COA of Hemp Products

Katie Devoe, co-founder of CBD Nationwide If you’re just starting out in the CBD industry, you’ll soon find that there is a line between CBD manufacturers who make high-quality products and the shoddier, less quality-forward competition. The line may seem thin for those new to cannabis and CBD, but for an expert manufacturer or experienced […]

6 Reasons You Should Use an Expert CBD Manufacturer to Produce Your Next Products

For many, diving into the cannabis industry is a no-brainer! That’s even truer when considering CBD, which is legal across the country and hosts an array of different health benefits. Of course, the cannabidiol industry is still in its infancy, and many small business owners are finding their own way in—often by making CBD oil […]

Breaking Ground in the Cannabis Market: 5 Tips for Building a CBD Brand

The cannabis industry has been consistently skyrocketing towards being one of the most profitable of all the wellness industries, and CBD is following soon after. In fact, sources say that the CBD industry will reach $22 Billion in just a few years, and industrial hemp farmers are already struggling to keep up with supply. With […]

Understanding CBD Product Manufacturing, From Seed to Sale

CBD, which has been linked to benefits like reducing anxiety and managing pain, is sourced from hemp, which is recently legalized under the newest updates to the Agricultural Improvement Act. CBD products are flying off the shelves as fast as manufacturers can pump them out, and it’s a better time than ever to buy into […]

The FDA to Hold Hearing on Hemp Regulations

Since the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, manufacturers and consumers alike have found even more value in the newest legalized cannabis compound, CBD. You can currently find all sorts of health and wellness CBD supplements, from tinctures to capsules to topicals and more. Currently, however, the FDA’s rules still prohibit manufacturers from adding CBD to […]

Getting Started in the Cannabis Industry: 4 Keys to CBD Edible Manufacturing 

The cannabis industry is incredibly popular and profitable, and consumers are quick to buy high-quality cannabis products both for recreational enjoyment and to reap the many medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. For new business owners looking to occupy some of this cannabis space, you’ll quickly learn that there are countless product options. However, there […]

Why You Should Buy Into CBD Topicals

With reports of the CBD industry hitting $22 billion in net worth by 2023, now is a better time than ever to buy in. What you’ll learn quickly as you dig into the cannabidiol industry is that there are a lot of options that are high in consumer demand. Hemp is really versatile, with uses […]

5 Tips For Choosing the Best CBD Manufacturing Company

You’ve decided to add CBD to your retail store, or are looking for white label CBD products to brand on your own. Great! Many people are partnering with CBD manufacturing company’s to tap in on the grossly profitable market. It’s no surprise, either, since the CBD market is expected to hit 22 billion in just […]