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CBD Caramels

CBD Nationwide formulated infused caramel candies over a decade ago. Our rich, creamy caramels are better-tasting, faster-acting and we use only superior ingredients in our proprietary recipe.

We were the first to cook up the CBD infused caramel when CBD was first discovered. We based our recipe on that original, traditional caramel melt-in-your-mouth, classic taste — you know the ones we’re talking about.

Gluten-free. Rich. Sweet and Nostalgic. Just like you used to have as a kid with those other original hard candies that melt in your mouth. You know the ones we’re talking about.

The Paradise CBD edible smooth caramels are whipped in cream with the highest-premium organic unrefined MCT coconut oil with a touch of added salt and vanilla to make an irresistible, mouthwatering treat.

Suckle these scrumptious caramels for a tribute to those classic, sweet caramels you had as a kid.

Or melt them at a mild temperature to serve over ice cream or pudding, stir into your coffee, or drizzle over a brownie or cake for a delicious CBD topping. Each chewy caramel gives a quick dose of 10mg CBD rich hemp oil.

Our competitive pricing, reputation, commitment to the highest quality, and ability to customize is what sets CBD Nationwide apart.

Clients choose CBD Nationwide for their caramel manufacturing projects because they love the service. Everything you need to know is communicated upfront and we operate our business with the highest integrity.

All of our products are third-party lab tested for consistency and safety. We analyze each batch and test for cannabinoid content, terpene profiles, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, herbicides and residual solvents.

If you have a caramel that you’d like to have manufactured, or an idea for your own line, give us a call at 1-844-442-2369, or request a quote online. Please be sure to email us your formula specifications.

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Our 4-week delivery is possible because our process is streamlined, our management staff is highly trained, and the equipment in the lab is truly innovative.

Within our caramel category, we offer customizations that can greatly enrich the product experience and set you apart from competitors. We can also assist you in envisioning and formulating a new product that might become the next big thing in the rapidly expanding market of private label CBD products.


Packaging and labeling is important for every product. When it comes to CBD products, however, it is even more critical.

At CBD Nationwide, our team of experts can help you design labels and produce packaging that will set you apart. With many packaging options available, including bottles, and single serve packaging for retail – your lollipop containers can be configured the way you envision.


CBD Nationwide can support you, your company and the success of your product with our experience and expertise in tincture and oil manufacturing, fulfillment, packaging and customer service.

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CBD Nationwide wants to be your manufacturer.

New formulas. New products.

New hemp solutions.