Does Delta-8 Smell Like Weed?

If you’re wondering, “does delta-8 smell like weed?” you’re likely new to the substance. So first, we’ll delve into what delta-8 is and what gives delta-8 its scent.

Delta-8 is a cannabis extract similar to delta-9 THC, the most famous chemical in cannabis, that creates its famous feelings of euphoria. While not a major intoxicant, due to its structural similarity to delta-9, delta-8 can still give users a high feeling.[1]

So delta-8 has similar effects and structure to delta-9. But do its cannabis roots affect the way delta-8 smells? We at CBD Nationwide are here to break down whether delta-8 smells and why.

What Does Delta-8 Smell Like?

Delta-8, as an isolated extract, does not usually have a scent. That’s because it takes the form of a concentrated oil that manufacturers strip of most aromas. However, users sometimes debate the scent, usually claiming it has a natural non-weed smell of herbs, vanilla, flowers, mint, or pine cones.

What Causes Delta-8 to Smell?

The scent, if any, differs between batches since the terpenes or chemical compound responsible for giving the plant its smell and taste varies in strength and fragrance. Still, the extraction process added ingredients and its incorporation into other products heavily alter the extract’s smell and flavor, which may sometimes cause it to smell more like marijuana. Versions of Delta-9 with fewer terpenes derived from cannabis have different scents, like candles or air fresheners.[2]

What Products Have More Pleasant Fragrances or None at All?

If you want to use delta-8 but don’t want to draw attention, your biggest concern with the substance probably is its scent. Like we said before, the extract doesn’t have a weed smell, but depending on the product you purchase, you may have to deal with smelly clothes or surroundings after use. If that’s not for you, consider the following delta-8-THC products.

Tinctures and Extracts

Tinctures are herbal extracts derived from plants, roots, leaves, berries, and bark by soaking in a solution like ethanol, alcohol, or water. For years, many have used tinctures to treat, cure, or prevent certain illnesses like anxiety, epilepsy, sleep deprivation, and chemo-induced nausea.[3]

Unlike pure extracts that are one part herb and one part alcohol, delta-8 tinctures are more diluted, with three parts alcohol to each part herb. However, neither of them has the aroma of weed since the remaining plant particles may leave them with an herbal or savory cannabis flower scent. Other times, added sweeteners give them more of a candy flavor and smell.

When taking tinctures or extracts, use a dropper to place the substance under your tongue. Hold it there for up to a minute before swallowing. Doing so will allow most of the delta-8 extract to travel into your mucous membrane rather than your digestive system, and you’ll start feeling the effects between 45 minutes to an hour later.


Edibles are another tactful dosing option since the natural and artificial flavoring, sweeteners, and other ingredients in these foods mask any organic scents of the cannabis plant. Delta-8-THC edibles consist of baked goods like brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and cakes, but the substance is also in other sweets like candies, chocolates, and gummies.

Since these goodies smell like nothing more than a sweet dessert, you may eat them around others and store them for long periods without worrying about an off-putting smell.

Oral Capsules

The fastest way to take delta-8 without dealing with any foul smell is via oral capsules. Like with all herbal and medicinal pills, take these with water, and they’ll go down immediately, meaning you don’t have to hold them under your tongue like with extracts, nor do you have to take time to consume them like with edibles. Also, the thin gelatin shell prevents an aftertaste and lingering smell.

While the capsules give users up to 10 hours of sensation, it may take up to two hours to take effect.[4] Furthermore, while holding tinctures and extracts under your tongue may seem unpleasant to some and takes time, it allows more of the product to seep into your mucous membrane and bloodstream. Contrastingly, capsules go directly into the digestive system, lowering bioavailability.

Topical Patches

Unlike oral delta-8 products, most non-aroma topical treatments, including creams, ointments, lotions, and balms, do not create a high feeling. Instead, they’re popular in the beauty and medical industry.

Transdermal delta-8 patches slowly release chemicals into the bloodstream over the course of a few hours to a few days, creating a calming feeling. Although they don’t get you high, they offer relaxation and focus once you place them over a veiny part of your body, like your wrist. These patches also regulate homeostasis, which rebalances your body and helps prevent any disease.[5]

Do you need custom private label Delta 8 products produced for your CBD business?


Do you need custom private label Delta 8 products produced for your CBD business?


What Products Are More Telling of Cannabis Use?

Unfortunately, not all forms of delta-8-THC are as discreet as the methods mentioned above. If you’re considering using a vaporizer or smoking the substance, the answer to the question of smell is usually a resounding yes.


Many users prefer inhaling delta-8 since, unlike most other oral treatments, the substance doesn’t pass through the digestive system. Instead, it delivers the product straight to the brain, maximizing the high effect. However, while the effect begins almost immediately, it only lasts about an hour.

Vaporizer cartridges may or may not smell like weed, depending on the makeup of the blend you’re puffing. Usually, vape blends containing the cannabis flower or terpenes originating from cannabis will smell more like marijuana than those with fewer elements of cannabis. These natural blends also include added delta-8 distillate and hemp oil, which give it an earthy, cannabis-like flavor and scent.

If you’re not planning on vaping around others but still fear the lingering smell, you can rest at ease. You’ll be able to use delta-8-THC discreetly since the smoke and aroma dissipates within minutes. Therefore, vaping delta-8 can be tricky if you’re looking to not smell like weed, but it’s not impossible to do.

Also, while most turn to vape pens since they don’t have odors, guarantee discreet use of any vaporizer medium by paying closer attention to your blend. Opt for botanical-derived terpenes that smell of herbs rather than terpenes originating from weed since the terpenes concentrate produces the product’s scent.

Smoking Hemp Flower

To some, vaping and smoking might seem the same, but smoking the hemp flower is the most obvious type of delta-8 use, even more so than vaping. Smoking a cannabis joint in its most natural raw flower form means taking in all of its terpenes, cannabinoids, and numerous other phytochemicals that create the entourage effect. Therefore, it will just smell like smoking any cannabis joint.

Aside from the THC flower, you also have the option to smoke concentrates from the hemp plant. Delta-8 concentrate originates from a full-spectrum CBD extract that chemists convert it into delta-8-THC [6]

Another difference between smoking and vaping is that while smoking delta-8 gives off more of a weed stench, it proves less efficient. Burning the product means less of it goes into your system, causing many to prefer the full effects of vaping, which wastes none of the product.

Dabbing Sauce

Dabbing sauces is similar to smoking and vaping in that it creates vapor clouds that you breathe in when you place them on hot surfaces. Simply take a dropper of delta-8 cannabis oil and place a small amount on a surface between 500 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and it’ll begin to evaporate like essential oil in a diffuser.

However, taking dabs is conspicuous since you need a complete setup of proper equipment to diffuse the concentrate. Dabs also create a larger cloud of smoke than joints and vaporizers.

The smell is another factor since you’re burning a strain of cannabis that releases terpenes. While they won’t smell purely of hemp like smoking the flower does, it’ll have an earthy scent that sometimes leans more toward an herbal fragrance rather than a weed smell.

The Most Dependable CBD Manufacturing Company

Now that we’ve put each product through the smell test, it’s time to purchase the right products. At CBD Nationwide, we have ready-to-go and customizable formulas.

Our FDA-approved establishment ensures every delta-8 batch undergoes third-party lab testing for your safety before delivering the final product that’ll surely exceed your expectations.

If you’re a small company looking to stock up on the best delta-8 products on the market, trust our tinctures, extracts, edibles, capsules, vaporizers, and topicals to be your go-to. Call us at 1-844-442-2369 to request a quote today!










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