How To Get A CBD Loan

Many aspects of running a CBD business can be extremely difficult due to changing and unpredictable legislation regarding CBD. The laws around the sale of CBD are constantly evolving. However, there is still a significant amount of reluctance across the banking sector to associate with such “high-risk products.”

Acquiring a loan for your CBD business can prove to be extremely difficult. Many of the usual moneylenders will be reluctant to finance a CBD business due to the associated risks and stigma. There are, however, several options available that will assist a CBD business with the required financing.

To acquire financing for your CBD business, you may have to jump through several hoops that would not ordinarily be required were it a more “normal” type of business. This is an unfortunate reality when there is so much uncertainty and unpredictability within the world of CBD business.

CBD Loan

When running a CBD business, there are many hurdles and countless challenges to overcome to navigate around the legalities of the products being sold.

This is because, despite the changing laws in CBD sales, banks and other financial institutions are reluctant to become associated with CBD businesses. This is due to the high level of risk associated with these types of business ventures.

Another major contributing factor is the significant discord between federal and state laws regarding CBD products. [2] This can make it exceptionally difficult to transport, sell, and process payments for CBD products across the board.

Conducting business in the CBD space is often synonymous with long cashflow collection cycles, irregular invoice collection, and a general lack of lenders for business finance. [3]

Resultantly, CBD business owners find themselves needing to source financing from alternative lenders. This article on CBD loans will discuss a few of these alternative lenders where it is possible to obtain funding for your CBD business.

These service providers understand the CBD business, accept the risks, and possess the expertise needed to advise on all things CBD and business.

Despite the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized the sale of hemp-derived CBD products, there is still much uncertainty around CBD businesses. Not all CBD products are fully legal and have to be passed by the FDA in order to gain approval for sale.

This can make things complicated for conventional banks and traditional moneylenders, as the constantly evolving laws around CBD and THC can be extremely difficult to regulate effectively.

Resultantly, CBD products are subject to countless laws and regulations and are considered “high-risk.” This high-risk status, along with the aforementioned discord between federal and state laws, can make it difficult to sell CBD products, let alone gain funding for a CBD-related business.

To add insult to injury, banks, in general, have a difficult time knowing which CBD businesses are legitimate law abiders and which are not. This can cause banks to pull out of funding anything CBD-related whatsoever. [2]

What Are Your General Options For CBD Loans?

Other than finding an alternative lender that understands and accepts the risks associated with CBD businesses, there are a few alternative options available to you.

Firstly, private financing can be considered, but this is often risky and can potentially poison personal relationships if you are borrowing money from friends and family.

Starting small is another option. You can buy the smallest possible inventory with however much money you have on hand and slowly build your business from there. The same applies to saving any amount of disposable income that you can in order to slowly build up the capital you need for your business.

Personal loans are another option, but this can quickly cause your debt to grow significantly due to the higher interest rates associated with this type of loan. [2]

The alternative lenders available to you are those high-risk moneylenders who typically deal with high-risk inventory and have the necessary protocols in place to deal with such business types.

Other alternatives include specialized cannabis lenders as well as the option of crowdfunded loans that are becoming more commonplace as time passes. [1]

Typically the types of loans offered to CBD businesses include equipment loans, merchant cash advances, lines of credit, and terms loans. [1]

Bespoke Financial CBD Loans

Bespoke Financial understands the complicated world of CBD business and is able to offer a range of services to help you get your CBD business up and running. This service provider offers invoice financing as well as inventory finance options.

This allows them to give you the cash you need in order to pay for the running expenses associated with your business as well as purchase the necessary inventory.

In order to achieve this and receive funding, Bespoke Financial will first have to determine the exact requirements associated with your specific business. This will require information such as the company type, the type of license required, further licensing details, and the length of business operations.

The business address, as well as its entire financial background, will also be required. This will include banking information and history, debt information, and profitability statistics. You will also be required to state the proposed use of the funds given by Bespoke Financial if they are to grant funding.

Business revenue over the last month, quarter, and year will be required, along with the total of bank deposits and inventory value.

Once Bespoke Financial has all the required information, they can assist you in gaining the required funding for your business. Debt funding and equity funding are both possibilities, and the types of loans offered usually entail private loans, real estate loans, equity lease loans, and dispensary cash advances. [3]


While it may be difficult to obtain a loan for a CBD business through conventional channels, there remain several options available that will help you to get the financing you need to grow your business.

Whatever your needs for your CBD business, you should be able to obtain the required funding. This can occur irrespective of whether you need a loan to buy equipment, pay staff, or any other possible business expense for your CBD company.







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