Why You Should Buy Into CBD Topicals

With reports of the CBD industry hitting $22 billion in net worth by 2023, now is a better time than ever to buy in. What you’ll learn quickly as you dig into the cannabidiol industry is that there are a lot of options that are high in consumer demand. Hemp is really versatile, with uses ranging from paper and plastic to dietary supplements. One product that’s really taking the industry by storm is hemp topicals.

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In fact, CBD topicals now make up a sizeable portion of the US skin care market, especially since big brands are launching their own cannabis-infused lines. Experts predict that CBD topicals will quickly exceed all other cannabis industries. There’s a reason: CBD topicals are intriguing and useful for people of all ages, no matter their skin tone or type. Many CBD topical products aim to appeal to seniors, and anything cannabis-friendly and all-natural quickly piques the interest of Millenials.

There are a number of reasons that CBD topicals may be the best choice for you, whether you’re looking to stock your retail store or design your own private label CBD cosmetic brand. If you’re struggling to make the right choice, check out these facts about CBD topicals to put your mind at ease:

CBD Provides a Range of Potential Benefits

While there are several other competing cosmetic foundations, cannabidiol provides a variety of potential benefits that address important health and beauty concerns. A study published in 2009 linked CBD to anti-inflammatory effects. These anti-inflammatory effects were later shown to be beneficial for people (and pets) suffering from arthritis or other joint pain. Certain CBD topicals may provide consumers with an option to use cannabidiol to directly target sore muscles and joints.

Further research looked specifically at CBD topicals and found similar anti-inflammatory effects, as well as sebostatic (managing oil production) properties. Combined, these effects may make CBD useful for managing a variety of topical conditions. One study shows that cannabidiol may be a therapeutic option for managing psoriasis. Users have also reported that cannabidiol topicals help control eczema and dry skin.

Another study aimed to measure the effects of cannabidiol on pruritus, a condition that causes extreme itching of the skin. Cannabidiol, in topical form, showed a reduction in itchiness as high as 86.4%. even more, CBD may play a role in regulating melanogenesis, a process vital to protecting the skin against the elements. Future research will dig into other key interests, like cannabis’ use in fighting antibiotic resistant bacteria and cannabidiol’s effectiveness against cancer cells.

In general, cannabidiol may have a positive impact on the Endocannabinoid System, a bodily system responsible for several regulatory responses. The Endocannabinoid System of the skin helps regulate cellular reproduction, sebum production, hormone production, and more. According to research, this system in the skin has a direct impact on “conditions affecting humans, ranging from inflammatory, neurodegenerative, gastrointestinal, liver, cardiovascular disorders, and obesity, to ischemia-reperfusion injury, cancer, and pain.” Because of CBD’s direct impact on the Endocannabinoid System, it has great potential and therapeutic value as a skin care supplement.

CBD Topicals Are Great For Organic and Natural Skin Care Lines

One of the newest (and probably most important) trends of this century is the movement towards organic and natural skin care products. Consumers have also become increasingly mindful of whether their cosmetic and skin care products are tested on animals. Many companies are more and more concerned, not only with the impact that the products have on customers skin but with the impact they have on the environment.

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Going eco-friendly includes a lot of decisions concerning the manufacturing process, packaging, and ingredients. However, quality CBD oil manufacturers make it easy to go green, giving an option for skin care lines to include only biodegradable ingredients. Because CBD is naturally derived from hemp, the products frequently align with company morals, including being environmentally friendly and free of toxic chemicals. The starting material is natural (and organic if you choose the right company), so it is easy for brands to modify their products to meet their values, no matter what they are. Assuring that the products you choose align with your company’s morals from the start is a good way to avoid costly redevelopments in the future. These informed choices often help make products more appealing to consumers, too.

CBD Topicals Are Versatile

Another reason that CBD Topicals may be the right choice for your business is that they are incredibly versatile in formulation and style. Although industrial grade CBD is pretty standard (all derived from industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC), it can be formulated into an array of different potencies, with a different balance of cannabinoids and terpenoids each time.

Furthermore, the types of products made from CBD vary, too. When buying into CBD topicals, you’ll be able to choose between CBD lotions, salves, creams, soaps, and more. Other CBD products are possible (and popular) as well, like CBD deodorant, oral care products, healing ointment, and lip balm. CBD hair care products are gaining popularity, too. Cannabidiol can be used with hemp oil or other carrier oils (like coconut and jojoba) to make virtually any skin care or topical product you may need. This type of versatility gives you an opportunity to market to a wider audience while maintaining a clear promise in the type of product and CBD quality you and your brand provide. It also defines a clear opportunity to expand your brand or stock later, without having to reconsider your company’s offerings or values.

CBD is Increasingly Popular and Marketable

While many CBD products turn consumer’s heads, CBD topicals have one important thing to their advantage. People are generally less skeptical of CBD topicals than products that need to be ingested, simply because of the misconception that CBD products may get them high. Although no pure, quality CBD products produce psychoactive effects, skeptics are more likely to try topicals because the fear of psychoactive effects is reduced.

The general acceptance for these products, combined with its versatility and multiple benefits, is the reason that big name brands are cashing in on the CBD skin care industry. One thing that small to mid-size retailers have to their advantage is the ability to zone in on cannabidiol’s full potential to offer unique, industry-leading CBD topicals to consumers.

Multiple experts suggest that even though CBD is an intriguing new addition, cannabidiol will eventually be a common name in the skincare industry. According to some reports, the CBD industry is expected to hit $22 billion by 2022. Since an expectedly large portion of sales will be from CBD topicals, they’re a great option for anyone looking to develop a linked of skin care or topical health products.

In general, cannabis products are trending. With the legalization of cannabis spreading throughout the country, and the implementation of the 2018 farm bill that legalized hemp production and sales, more and more people are recognizing the benefits the plant may hold.

Getting Started With CBD Topicals

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If you are looking to develop your own line of CBD topicals or add premium CBD topicals to your retail shelves, you’ll need to know a few things first. Whether you’re buying wholesale CBD products or looking for premium formulations to privately label, you’ll want to ensure that you find a high-quality product. There are several ways to ensure that you’re getting the best quality hemp and CBD topicals. Look for products that have undergone GMP-compliant testing against rigid potency, purity, and safety standards.

After selecting a manufacturer, ensure that they align with your company’s morals. There are many CBD topical companies that offer products that are cruelty-free, organic, and made without potentially harmful additives, like artificial fragrances and dyes.

It is also important to assure that the company chosen supplies a wide variety of products. Even if you’re planning to start with only a few products at first, you’ll want to set yourself up for possible expansions in the future. You’ll also want to check the packaging quality for each product since packaging can affect the quality over time. Poor packaging also lowers marketability, as consumers are less faithful in the quality of a product if it is poorly packaged.

One last, but important consideration is the company’s customer service quality. Your needs will change over time, so choosing a company with friendly and responsive customer service is imperative.

At CBD Nationwide, we offer custom topical manufacturing solutions that cover a wide variety of health and beauty care products. Our bulk hemp products are batch tested for consistency and quality, with cruelty-free, organic, and responsibly sourced ingredients. If you’re looking for a bulk manufacturer or to develop your own private label, contact us today for more information about our quality manufacturing capabilities.



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