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We triple test our products. We test the active ingredients in raw form prior to infusions, do a random batch sample as well as a final test to ensure that the milligrams of the active ingredients are exactly where they are expected to be. We ensure that all our products are infused with the accurate amounts of active and functional ingredients and homogenized throughout our manufacturing process. Our exhaustive processes ensure that your product will be compliant with government THC regulations.

Some of our customers are interested in adding other cannabinoids in addition to CBD, like CBN or CBG to their product formulation. If you have a product with specific cannabinoids in mind, reach out to us and we can help you bring your creation to life. As turnkey white and private label CBD manufacturers, we work with superior hemp extract suppliers and can create any cannabinoid combination your customers might desire.

Whether you are trying to mimic the terpene profile of a specific strain or selecting specific terpenes for their effect or aesthetic, we’ve got you covered. We can create your custom product with virtually any terpene combination that you can imagine.

Many modern consumers are demanding products that are free from genetic engineering and unnatural farming practices. As one of America’s premier CBD manufacturers, we cater a diverse group of CBD brands. If your audience and market segment demand the highest quality certifications for their ingredients, we can make your products with both Non-GMO and Certified Organic CBD.

CBD Nationwide is a California based CBD manufacturer. All the CBD and other cannabinoids that we use to produce our products come from hemp grown in the United States.

While many people believe that the additional constituents available in a full spectrum product create additional benefit for the consumer, others really prefer the product opportunities that are possible with a colorless, flavorless CBD isolate. CBD oil, on the other hand, can be a great option for making tinctures. We are happy to consult with you to discover the best type of CBD for your product.

Our strict CBD manufacturing quality control protocols have been developed to ensure our customers get safe, consistent high-quality top shelf products. Our facility follows strict adherence to cGMP guidelines and have quality control checks throughout our entire manufacturing process to ensure product is clean, consistent, and delivers the desired results. Our packaging and fulfillment team has weights and measures protocols that are followed along with additional quality control checks to ensure that the correct counts and properly sealed products are what is shipped to our customers.

ISO-9000 certified third party labs are used for all testing and quality control of the active ingredients pre-production and of the final production during and post production. You should know that legitimate manufacturers always use third party testing and follow strict GMP guidelines.

Absolutely. We have a range of services that enable you to focus on building your brand while we help you to make the best, custom CBD products available on the market. We believe that it’s necessary to help our clients understand everything they need to know about hemp-based products before they order.  Whether you’re already a pro or a cannabis newbie, we can answer all of your questions to help you produce a product your customers will love.

Here are some questions about


It varies depending on product type and amount ordered.

It varies depending on product type and amount ordered.