What Does CBD Chapstick Do? CBD Lip Balm Benefits

Chapped lips can be very uncomfortable. Anyone can get chapped lips for a variety of reasons. They can be caused by environmental factors like the weather or deficiencies in your diet. You may be taking a medication that can lead to chapped lips. Some people can cause chapped lips by licking their lips excessively.

It doesn’t matter what caused your chapped lips, it is a condition that you must treat, or it will worsen. It can lead to cracking, swelling, and even bleeding. Sometimes, you can remedy the situation by avoiding the risk factors, but some cases will require intervention, like lip balms. But which lip balm should you use? Likely one that includes CBD. Read on to learn more about CBD lip balm benefits.

What Is CBD Chapstick?

CBD chapstick is a moisturizing lip balm with cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, and people can benefit from its incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Products containing CBD are well known for their pain relief.

CBD is very gentle on the skin, so it is a perfect additive to lip balm and will not irritate sensitive skin. Chapsticks are commonly made with hemp seed oil, beeswax, or shea butter. When you add CBD, you create a chapstick that offers a great moisturizing agent and a pain reliever that will protect the sensitive skin on your lips.

What Does CBD Do For Your Lips?

A CBD lip balm will soothe and moisturize your chapped and dry lips. Cannabidiol works with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates many of your body’s crucial functions. (1) It helps with mood, sleep, pain, and sleep disorders so CBD chapstick can help you with much more than just your lips. You will enjoy many benefits.

CBD Lip Balm Benefits

You will enjoy the soothing effects of CBD chapstick on your painful chapped lips. Of course, you’ll also love the other CBD lip balm benefits, which include the following:


CBD has antibacterial properties, which will help protect your lips against infection, bacteria, and irritation. (2)

The human body contains free radicals, and unstable cells can damage healthy cells. When you apply CBD chapstick to your lips, it helps neutralize these free radicals. 

Improves Appearance

Everyone takes notice of healthy, plump lips. CBD chapstick can help you achieve this look without costly and painful cosmetic injections. The CBD will seal in moistness and soothe your lips, making them look healthy and full.

Protection From Weather

Only a thin layer of skin covers our lips, so they are very prone to damage caused by weather. They can be damaged by the sun or bitter cold, and weather damage can cause premature aging, cracking, drying, and color pigmentation.

The antioxidants in CBD can help with sun damage. Lip balms made with hemp oil combined with CBD extract are rich in omega-3 and omega-6, and these ingredients are very effective for healing damaged skin. (3)

Reduces Inflammation

One of the most appealing aspects of CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties. (4) Applying CBD chapstick to your lips will help soothe the discomfort that you are experiencing. Chapped lips often cause cold sores, pain, and a burning or tingling sensation. A good CBD chapstick will alleviate this discomfort and reduce any swelling that you may be experiencing.


Our lips do not have oil-producing glands, and we are entirely responsible for moisturizing our lips. Certain things will contribute to the appearance of your lips, such as genetics, your diet, and the amount of water you drink daily. If you feel that you are already doing everything that you can for your lips, you may have to add a lip balm.

Adding a lip balm with CBD will help moisturize your lips, and the lip balm will help seal in the moisture. Certain chapsticks will have other natural ingredients that will help hydrate your lips, and some of these ingredients include beeswax, avocado oil, and many more.

How Does CBD Chapstick Work?

So, what does CBD chapstick do? The cannabinoids in the lip balm interact with the human endocannabinoid system, which has receptors all over the body. So, when you apply CBD chapstick to your lips, the cannabinoid interacts directly with your endocannabinoid system without having to be ingested or inhaled.

The CBD chapstick will provide immediate relief to dry and chapped lips. 

How To Choose the Best CBD Chapstick

CBD chapstick

Products that contain CBD can be more expensive than regular products. You will want to research the manufacturer you are considering to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy. It is essential to read product reviews before making your decision.

The concentration of CBD oil in the lip balm is also a consideration. The higher the concentration, the more benefits you will enjoy. Higher concentrations tend to cost more, so you’ll need to weigh the benefits against the price. 

You should also read the ingredients to ensure that the lip balm is made with natural ingredients. The CBD may be rendered ineffective if combined with low-quality dyes and fragrances. All-natural CBD lip balms should contain ingredients like beeswax, avocado oil, and vitamin E.

Your final consideration should be flavor. Many brands of CBD chapstick offer different flavors, and you can opt for a taste you enjoy.

Can You Get High From CBD Chapstick?

No, you cannot get high from CBD chapstick. Your CBD chapstick may have a tiny amount of THC but it should not be enough to have any mind-altering effects. 

Chapstick is a topical CBD applied to the skin and soaks into the skin. Very little CBD reaches the bloodstream, so it will only benefit the affected area.

CBD Lip Balm FAQs

Do you still have questions? Get answers to frequently asked questions about CBD lip balm below.

What does CBD do for your lips?

The CBD in your chapstick contains anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and heal your chapped lips.

How long does CBD balm take before you start feeling the effects?

The amount of time a topical CBD product takes before working will vary. However, you will feel the effects of most products within 15 minutes to an hour.

Does CBD lip balm help chapped lips?

Yes, CBD chapstick will help heal your chapped lips. CBD lip balms also contain ingredients that will help moisturize your lips to prevent future chapping.

Does CBD chapstick have side effects?

Any products containing CBD may have some side effects. The side effects will depend on the purity and the amount of CBD in the product. Most people tolerate CBD well, and the side effects are minimal. Occasionally people experience dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness, and fatigue.

How long does CBD stay in your system?

It usually takes about 85 hours for CBD to clear the human body. Check out this post to learn more about how long CBD stays in your system.

Final Thoughts

The stigma surrounding the use of CBD products is fading. People recognize the incredible health benefits that these products can provide. CBD chapstick is one of the newer products on the market and is steadily growing in popularity. 

Everyone will have a unique experience while using CBD chapsticks, but they will no doubt enjoy its CBD lip balm benefits. It is essential to research the CBD chapstick you are considering before making a final decision. Particularly with CBD products, you want to ensure you are getting the best product on the market.


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