Melatonin and Delta-8 – Are They a Perfect Pair?

Most people have never considered the unique combination of melatonin and delta-8 THC for relaxation and restful sleep. While lots of people may use one or the other, using both of these natural sleep aids is a gamechanger. You should consider this option if you suffer from sleep issues.

It is not uncommon to combine similar or related supplements to help with anxiety and stress, experience better sleep, and improve overall wellness.[1]  Now we will explore combining melatonin and delta-8 as a sleep and relaxation aid.

What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a derivative of CBD found in cannabis plants. One of the most common types of THC is delta-9, which is found much more than delta-8 in the cannabis plant. The main difference between them is their potency levels. Delta-9 is felt to a stronger degree and comes in higher concentrations in cannabis than delta-8.

Delta-8 and 9 work with our body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, or how your body knows when it’s time to wake up or sleep. The endocannabinoid system benefits us by helping us with anxiety, sleep, pain, digestion, and other functions we perform daily.[2]

Since delta-8 is a type of THC, it does get the user high. However, it offers a less intense experience than traditional cannabis. It is always good to obtain medical advice if using any prescription medications to see how they may interact with supplements like delta-8.

Is Delta-8 Legal?

Yes! The 2018 Farm Bill legalized products that contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Virtually all delta-8 products contain less than this amount of delta-9 THC. This makes delta-8 a legal type of THC that has become increasingly accessible and offers calming benefits.[5] However, many states have banned the product, so usage depends on where you live and the laws.[6] Many people report feeling relaxed after using it, but the results will vary from person to person.

Benefits of Delta-8

Potential benefits of delta-8 include:

●        Improving your mood

●        Decreasing your stress levels

●        Helping you with stress management

●        Helping you with chronic or temporary pain

●        Maintaining a good sleep cycle

What is so great about delta-8 is the variety of ways you can enjoy it and the customization of the product. That means that the amount of the product you try is up to you. Additionally, you can find delta-8 gummies, candy bars, other delicious edibles, or soft gel capsules to give you full control over how you consume it.

Benefits of Melatonin

Some people love the effects of full-spectrum CBD for sleep. Many restless or troubled sleepers also enjoy the benefits of melatonin (gummies, pills, etc.) as a part of their nighttime routine.

Some melatonin gummies include CBD, allowing consumers to benefit from both products. You could decide to take a melatonin gummy with a delta-8 one close to bedtime for restful sleep.[3]

Melatonin can help you:

●        Get to sleep quicker

●        Stay asleep through the night

●        Leave you feeling more rested

Do Melatonin and Delta-8 Make a Perfect Pair?

The powerful combination of melatonin and delta-8 might help improve your sleep cycles. Both of these products offer soothing, sleep-regulating effects and are safe to use together.

Many people pair supplements to get the most out of products that naturally work well together. You could try this too and experience better sleep than ever before.

The only way to know if it will work for you is to try it yourself. Following our helpful guide is the first step, but you can contact our team at CBD Nationwide for product assistance and questions related to delta-8.

Do you need custom private label Delta 8 products produced for your CBD business?


Do you need custom private label Delta 8 products produced for your CBD business?


How To Use Delta-8 and Melatonin For Better Sleep

If the quality of your sleep has decreased or always been poor, delta-8 products could provide you relief. However, you may wonder how to use melatonin and delta-8 together. Keep in mind that this is not medical advice, and you should consult with your doctor before combining delta-8 and melatonin.

1. Begin With a Low Dosage & Strength First

When experimenting with delta-8, begin your first couple of times with a low amount and see how you feel. If you use too much at once, you may not gauge how you were affected or get the most out of it. It is good to start out with 10 to 50 mg, but the amount varies based on if you use gummies or tinctures.

The trouble with using a high dosage immediately when you’re a newbie is you are unaware of how you will feel. You could quickly fall asleep and become very hungry instead of using a lower dose that could work better for anxiety and sleep.[4] We recommend starting small at first and increasing over time.

If you are a beginner, you should start with a small amount and lower strength throughout the process. This way, you can be comfortable with delta-8 and choose a concentration that is right for you.

One level may be too much for you but too low for someone else. Consuming delta-8 edibles means you can moderate your strength. You can choose to eat the whole brownie or just a portion of it.

The great thing about delta-8 edibles is you can build up to your desired milligram amount. If you choose to use a vape cart or flower, the amount of puffs you inhale constitutes your strength.

2. Time Your Delta-8 Correctly

You might be ready to enjoy a delta-8 product right away, eager to obtain its benefits. However, it is wise to plan during the day you plan to use it. If the specific reason for use is sleep, you will want to take delta-8 when you are winding down or going to bed.

Taking it in the morning or afternoon does not make sense if you want to improve your sleep, but it is up to you. We recommend taking delta-8 around 30 to 90 minutes before sleeping to rest better. Similarly, melatonin is most effective when taken around 90 minutes to two hours before going to sleep.

However, you may find through experimenting that a different time works best instead.

3. Find The Perfect Product For You

Just as you would expect from other cannabis or CBD products, delta-8 offers users the option to choose how they will consume the product. Not everyone likes gummies or edibles, but those are just two ways someone could enjoy them. If you are unsure where to start, consult us at CBD Nationwide.

Some favorite delta-8 products include, but are not limited to, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and vape cartridges.

Specifically, tinctures are popular because they provide a fast way to get the product as the liquid drops under the tongue.

4. Combine Delta-8 With Other Relaxing Products

Melatonin is not the only thing paired with delta-8. Lavender essential oil works with delta-8 to relax someone so they can comfortably drift off to help. Besides combining melatonin, lavender, and delta-8, together, you might want to try combining any of the above with kratom.


Many people enjoy the beneficial combination of melatonin and delta-8 daily to improve their endocannabinoid system and sleep. You may experience better rest if you try the pair yourself. CBD Nationwide can recommend products and help you find what you need.

For more information about CBD products and manufacturing, contact CBD Nationwide today. Our office is in Carlsbad, CA. Call us today at 1-844-44CBDNW (442-2369) to speak with our team.










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